Daily Discoveries by GRACESHIP

Yumna Al-Arashi: World-Traveling Photojournalist With An Eye For Beauty

Recently named an up and coming journalist by Forbes Magazine, Yumna Al-Arashi works to break barriers and capture beauty while documenting raw human experience. We chat with Yumna about her travels around the world to capture her breathtaking images.

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Kara DeLost- Fashionista and Marketing Extraordinaire

GRACESHIP had the pleasure of chatting with Kara DeLost, a Kentucky native, who is pursuing her dreams of taking over the marketing world. She gives us advice on how young women can gain success in the fields that they love and shares insight about her own interests. 


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Stitchtagram: Your Favorite Pics On Your Favorite Pillows

Instagram has swept the nation with it's pic-taking social network on smartphones.  You're able to post your favorite pics while you're on the run and follow your favorite people to see their own.  GRACESHIP colleagues love using Instagram to capture and share our favorite moments with each other, but sometimes posting pictures to the Internet just isn't enough.  Don't worry, now there's a fun way to hold onto those photos.... literally.

Brother and Sister duo, Doug and Rachel Pfeffer have come up with a unique way to transfer your pictures onto pillows that you can keep forever.  Based out of Washington D.C., the duo digitally print the photos onto a linen-cotton canvas and then hand-stitch the front and back together.

Each pillow is 15 inches and comes with a soft, fluffy, removable insert. These pillows are super fun, are a great conversation piece, and can be great gifts for friends or family members (Ahem, so can one of GRACESHIP's three signature bag styles). Head on over to http://www.stitchtagram.com/ to start creating yours now!