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Funny Interactive Greeting Cards to Amuse Your Friends

With Easter just passing by... how many people actually sent a greeting card to the ones you love? In a digital world, its hard to keep up with everyone's address! I often only realize someone's birthday or special event is creeping up via Facebook, often too late to mail a physical card. Enter Jib Jab!

Unlike most online e-card services, this website allows you to personalize videos with your friends face. (It is the same company that brought you "Elf Yourself" among many others funny personalization strategies).

Out of all the e-card services I have skimmed online, Jib Jab is by far my favorite. They have high quality cards and videos for all kinds of occasions -- and most of them are pretty funny!

Some cards are available for free, but you must pay a small fee if you want access to some of the best ones. To me, it is certainly well worth it! Besides, before too long, U.S. postage is going to be a dollar an envelope anyway. Next time you are in a jam to remember a friend or family members birthday... try Jib Jab, and sending them your favorite GRACESHIP bag while you are at it!