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Packing Tips You Need to Know Before Your Next Flight

Travelling can be stressful. Making sure everything fits in your suitcase makes travelling even more stressful. We at GRACESHIP compiled a list of how you can pack right for your next flight and focus more on the destination than how long it will take you to get there! Below are our 15 tips to making your next trip your best one yet: 

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3 Ways to Beat That Dreaded Delayed Flight

GRACESHIP Travel Accessories Company Gives You Tips On How To Beat That DelayNever let a delayed flight get you down again! GRACESHIP has three simple tips on how to enjoy yourself at the airport. 

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Hidden U.S. Travel Treasures No Wayfarer Can Miss

GRACESHIP Womens Travel Bag Company Tells You About The Hidden Travel Treasures in the United StatesGRACESHIP designs bags with the traveling woman in mind. Learn about the hidden travel gems that are in our own backyard! The United States has more to offer than you may have thought.


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The PERFECT Gift for the Traveling Business Woman!

Here are a few of our favorite items to put inside any GRACESHIP women's briefcase. Take notes and put these essentials on your favorite businesswoman's Christmas list. 

Essential Items for a GRACESHIP Women's Laptop Bag

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Stacey Servo: Making Connections One City at a Time

Stacey Servo. From environmental engineering to entrepreneurship, she is a woman on the move. She shares her journey from the Northwest to the South with GRACESHIP and how discovering people’s inherent need to connect and socialize in new settings sparked an idea to create her new venture, New2Lou.

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Jessica Law: The Beauty Guru

GRACESHIP chats with Nashville beauty expert Jessica Law about life as a professional makeup artist and how she got there. From packing up everything and moving to Nashville, to what her must have beauty items are. Jessica tells GRACESHIP how it all began. 

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The 8 Most Important Tips For Sustainable Travel

At GRACESHIP, we are crazy about travel. But as amazing an experience as traveling can be (whether it’s abroad or just to another city in your own state)- it can have serious environmental repercussions. Sustainability is extremely important to us, and we wanted to share our favorite tips for sustainable travel practices. 

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