Daily Discoveries by GRACESHIP

Prezi, the 3D Alternative to PowerPoint


Wanna wow your boss with your next presentation? Prezi is a presentation software that we think blows PowerPoint out of the water! Prezi allows you to make rockstar slideshows in a breeze.

Prezi makes it easy to explore and share ideas on a virtual canvas. Once you start using Prezi you’ll never present with PowerPoint again!

One thing that makes Prezi so unique is its “Zooming User Interface” (ZUI). This allows users to create a presentation in a non-linear fashion, as opposed to PowerPoint where one slide comes after another.  Prezi is based online, so you can access it anywhere, making it more convenient than PowerPoint. As long as you have a mobile device and the internet you can access your Prezi. You can also save it to a flash drive or other devices.

Prezi can be used for any number of things: business conferences, product showcases, education, or collaborative designs! The best part is that Prezi can be used absolutely free of charge and is compatible with Mac and PC, so anyone can use it.

Check out their website www.prezi.com and start using this great business tool! Go to http://prezi.com/learn/grouping-and-layering/ and learn how to optimize your Prezi to make it more appealing and organized!

Stay light, stay fast, stay mobile with Prezi and GRACESHIP!

Mashup: Music. Anytime. Anywhere.

Ever lost an iPod with all your music?  Had a broken Laptop? Ouch! What a pain when it comes to accessing your music! You no longer have to fret about losing your tunes - Mashup allows you to acquire your music anywhere and anytime!

Mashup is a Web & Mobile platform that allows you to store all of your music in “the cloud” and can be played on any wirelessly connected device.  There's no complicated software to download and install. It is real simple!  Just upload all of your music to Mashup.com and you will have access to it anywhere in the world.

Home computer? Yes! At your office work computer? Uh Huh! Your iPhone while cruising the city? You Bet! Your Android phone while vacationing in Europe? Of Course!  Literally, anywhere and at anytime as long as you have a wirelessly connected device. How convenient!

At GRACESHIP, we are always on the go and love listening to music no matter where we may be—at the office, heading to a meeting, or just relaxing at home after work hours.  Mashup has made it so easy for us to access our music anywhere and anytime of the day!

And the best part about it -- it's totally free!

Be Organized On The Go With Evernote

Life can be hectic—whether you’re a business woman on the go, or a stay at home mom. Everyday has its curveballs. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for the ball, or the curve. One way to make day to day life a little more in sync is to start using Evernote.

Evernote helps you remember. It’s an online application for your computer, phone, and tablet. There are endless ways to use Evernote and its free! You can save your notes, web clips, files, and images. With Evernote they’ll be available on any device you use! This makes it easy to show and share with friends or colleagues.

You can also use your phone to take snap shots of cool and exciting things you see in the real world. Take the picture, save to Evernote, label it, and store. Its super easy. Planning a trip? Use Evernote to keep your itineraries, scanned documents, and confirmations in order. Then they will be conveniently available on your phone, tablet, and laptop.

At GRACESHIP, we use Evernote daily. It’s the perfect app for the business woman on the go. Before you start using Evernote, check this site out for 10 great tips on using the app to elevate your business: http://www.thesolopreneurlife.com/10-tips-on-how-to-use-evernote-to-its-fullest/.

Go ahead, sign up and start remembering things at www.evernote.com.


Free Up Your Man's Time with Manpacks

Looking for a way to get your man more free time? At GRACESHIP, we found the perfect way to help free up his schedule and keep all his essentials well stocked. Manpacks is an online service that sends your man essential items right to his door step.

You may wonder what his ‘essentials’ actually are... after all he has you so what else could he need?

According to Manpacks, men’s essentials are limited to five items (not surprising): Socks, Shirts, Underwear, Shaving Supplies, and of course, Condoms. The web service offers several varieties of these necessities from Hanes shirts and socks to Nivea shaving cream.

All of the items can be delivered right to his door with ease every three months. All of the website's subscription shopping options are fully customizable and are easy to change or update at www.manpacks.com. Manpacks even sends your sweetie an email before the shipment is sent, so if necessary, he can cancel shipment at any time.

This means no more shopping for basic needs. It eliminates his excuses for not cutting the grass, or not being able to help you out. And best of all no more “No Shave November!” With Manpacks, everything he needs will be delivered to him, in turn freeing up his schedule so he can spend more time with you.

You can sign up for free. Check out their website and start saving your man some time!

A Must-have Grocery and To Do List App

For a woman on the go, its easy to forget simple things, like what you need at the grocery or buying your best friend a present for her birthday. One of our favorite mobile apps keeps your to do list organized and your kitchen pantry stocked. Out of Milk is a shopping and to-do list on steroids!

Available in the Android market, Out of Milk has three list sections; pantry list, shopping list, and to do list. The pantry list tracks what you already have at home. The shopping list sorts what you still need and the to do list tracks those hard to remember tasks.

Unlike many other mobile apps, the shopping list portion of Out of Milks allows you to enter prices and quantities so you can keep track of how much you’re spending. It
One of our favorite features is that everything you enter on the mobile version of the tracks what you need, what you’ve gotten, and how much you’re spending. It also allows for easy coupon and price calculating so you don't spend over your budget.

The app conveniently syncs with the Out of Milk website, allowing you to easily access your to do list from your computer.  There is also an “auto-complete database” within the system that allows you to easily reenter items from past lists. Best of all, the app is free to use!

Just like GRACESHIP bags, Out of Milk allows you to organize your life all in one place. It’s an essential for the modern day woman!

Book a Trip at the World's Weirdest Hotels!

At GRACESHIP, we love to travel but sometimes staying in the same old ordinary chain hotels can get rather boring... until now. Unusual Hotels of the World finds vacation spots so outrageous thatl your trip will literally seem out of this Universe! No matter what your fantasy, the website offers a unique experience for almost every type of traveler.

Dog lovers finally have the chance to unite! One of the unusual hotels featured is Dark Bark Park Inn, located in Idaho, which gives you the experience to stay inside a beagle. The owners have even gone as far as to disguise the bathroom as a fire hydrant!

In Key Largo, Florida, the Under Water Lodge forces its guest to first scuba dive down 21 feet to even reach the entrance of the hotel. How crazy!

The most popular places to stay include anything from a real life tree house in Sweden, an airplane suite in the Netherlands, to a car themed hotel in Germany.  Whatever you may be interested in, Unusual Hotels of the World, probably has a hotel suitable for you.

To find a fit, check out unusualhotelsoftheworld.com to see the guide for travelers interested in staying somewhere truly different.  The website offers 279 unusual places to scope out and book a stay, so there is bound to be one just right for you!

The Unusual Hotels of the World’s website provides a description of each hotel and the nightly rate, making it easier to decide which hotel you want to experience. Clearly, no matter which place you choose, you will always be left with an unforgettable memory.

If classic luxury is more your speed, check out GRACESHIP's Bag A Free Trip Sweepstakes. GRACESHIP is giving away the trip of a lifetime to Esencia, a luxury seaside estate in Riviera Maya. Simply follow the steps on our website and enter to win – it’s that easy!

No matter where you go on your next vacation, GRACESHIP bags are fully equipped to take you there with ease and style!

The Summer's Best Beach Reads

At GRACESHIP, we are a little tired of the same, old fantasy reads that sweep America every year. Women-on-the-go need a relaxing read they can enjoy.

Thanks to Jessica Brody, we have found ten summer reads to relax you while on vacation or winding down from work. Brody is a writer and producer who has published five books within four years around the world. Below are her top recommended readings for "This Summer's Best Beach Reads."

  1. Love Under Cover: A Novel by Jessica Brody
  2. The Fidelity Files by Jessica Brody
  3. Love the One You're With by Emily Giffin
  4. Cruel Summer by Alyson Noel
  5. Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella
  6. Secrets of a Shoe Addict by Beth Harbison
  7. Certain Girls: A Novel by Jennifer Weiner
  8. Chasing Harry Winston: A Novel by Lauren Weisberger
  9. The Beach House by Jane Green
  10. One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell


One book that isn't on the list but is receiving loads of hype is E.L. James Novel: 50 Shades of Grey. Just this morning on the way to the office, people were calling in on the radio giving their opinions on this read. Some readers can't put it down while others could definitely do without it. We will let you form your own opinion.

According to the author, the novel is "erotic, amusing and deeply moving, the Fifty Shades Trilogy is a tale that will obsess you, possess you, and stay with you forever". The second book is titled, Fifty Shades Darker and the third is Fifty Shades Freed.

With these great novels you'll be sure to have one of the most relaxing and enjoyable summers ever. So pack up your GRACESHIP bag and head out to paradise. Don't forget your sunscreen. ;)