Daily Discoveries by GRACESHIP

Get Grape Wine At Great Prices

Every girl loves a relaxing night with her best friend and a bottle of wine.  Sometimes finding a good (and cheap) bottle of wine is a hard task. Luckily, we've found a  website that gives you access to purchasing wonderful wine from around the world at up to 70% off!

At Invino, you will find wine you love that is at or below any other price on the Internet.  The site features flash sales, usually lasting between 24 and 72 hours, but act quick so you don't miss out!  There's a great selection ranging from Pinot Noirs to Chardonnays to a whole slew of wines that I can't even pronounce, so they must be good.

Invino packs each shipment with cold gel packs to ensure that your wine is cool when it arrives, even in the hottest temperatures.  Shipments are fulfilled within two business days and are confirmed with email updates so you can easily track your wine as it travels to you.  When your bottle arrives, pack it in your new GRACESHIP bag and head over to your girlfriend's house for a night of fun and gossip.

Sign up for free on their website with your email address and receive updates about the latest sales and selections.


Makeup That Gives You a Gorgeous Glow

We are crazy about coral for Summer! Contrary to belief that it's only meant for darker skinned ladies, coral tones are perfect on all skin tones . This vibrant summer color is a great alternative to the average pink and red we all overuse. Check out some of our favorite coral beauty products that give you a gorgeous Summer glow.

Nars Super Orgasm blush is a gorgeous blend of peach and pink hues with a touch of gold shimmer that gives skin a healthy, beautiful glow. This blush was named "Best Blush for Olive Skin" by InStyle in 2011, but don't let that fool you, even the fairest beauties can rock this color. It's also a known favorite of makeup maven Kim Kardashian.

Cargo's Laguna blush looks garish in the tin, but don't let the bright hue scare you away; this complete matte bright coral blush is absolutely stunning on skin. The color is completely buildable, so sweep a light dusting on your cheeks for a sheer coral look or go heavier for a bold pop of color.


Benefit's Spiked Punch lip gloss is perfect for giving you a coral pout. This gorgeous gloss won't just give you the look you want, you will love the way it feels. This gloss is ultra shiny, very hydrating, but never sticky! The brush on this gloss is perfect for applying the perfect amount of color and shine.


Makeup Forever's Pastel Coral is a bold lipstick that is sure to make you stand out! Enriched with nourishing properties, this lipstick keeps your lips hydrated for 8 hours after application. The translucent shine adds a natural sheen to your lips and gives off a soft, shiny finish. You will be sure to dazzle when wearing this shade.


Don't limit the coral rage to just your face, keep glowing all over with a coral nail polish. Essie's Tart Deco is the perfect way to show off a little coral if adding the hue to your face is just too much for your look. The creamy formula is easy to work with. Put on two coats for more of an opaque look, or three for a brighter, bolder finish.

Get ready to see coral!

GRACESHIP to Host Ladies Night at Bats Baseball

Nothing says Summer like a beer and a night at the ball park. GRACESHIP is teaming up with Louisville Bats Baseball on Wednesday May 30 to begin a new tradition at the park, "Ladies Night." You are invited to come relax and unwind after work and enjoy the evening with us!
Emily Gimmel, GRACESHIP's founder will be starting the night off by throwing out the first pitch of the game (She hopes to make it over home plate!). At the gates, attendees will receive a special 20% OFF coupon for the GRACESHIP bag of your choice!

The GRACESHIP team will be hanging out and displaying our collection in the Ladies Lounge. This new addition to the ball park is chic area is where women can relax and enjoy the eye candy on the field. Wine specials just for women are also served. Be sure to stop by and see us in the lounge and register to win a free bag! The drawing will take place during the game.

Go by any Sun Tan City location to pick up a discount voucher for ladies (16 and older) to receive a Field Reserved Ticket for only $3.00.

For more information, schedules and updated can be viewed at http://www.milb.com/index.jsp?sid=t416

Grab your peanuts and cracker jacks and join us for Ladies Night at the Ball Park Wednesday May 30! See you there!

How to Safely Send Text Messages While Driving

We have all heard and seen the dangers of texting while driving, but unfortunately many people still do it on a daily basis.  Now there's a solution to texts safely while driving. JARVIS is mobile allows you to send hands free text messages while behind the wheel.

Imagine you hit the highway after a long day at work, and your phone beeps with a new text message. It's often all too tempting to take your eyes off the road and see who is texting you. Luckily, there is JARVIS... a free, downloadable mobile app that reads text messages to you while you keep both hands on the wheel.

Before you start driving, turn JARVIS on. When you receive calls or texts while driving, JARVIS alerts you. The system gives you the option to answer your call or listen to your text.  Simply respond to the alert with a simple "Yes" or "No."

JARVIS automatically puts your call on speakerphone for the call you receive, allowing you you keep both hands on the wheel. It also transfers your voice into a text message and will read it back to you before sending it out.  It's a pretty neat app and works really well.  GRACESHIP gives it a 5/5!

JARVIS is free and available for all Android smartphone users here. Safety never goes out of style.

Cute Boots for Battling Rainy Days

You wake up and it's pouring down rain. Unfortunately, that cutet outfit you had planned to wear to work doesn't go with your flower print rain boots hidden in the back of your closet. Ugly rain boots are now a thing of the past.

There are so many stylish rain boots on the market now that you might actually look forward to a rainy day! Check some of our favorite styles out for yourself.

Hunter Wellington rain boots combine both fashion and function, just like GRACESHIP's bags! Their sleek, simple design will go with just about anything to keep you looking fresh in the rain.


It's easy to keep it casual with a pair of Hunter's, but don't be afraid to mix it up and wear them when you want to dress up. Plenty of celebrities wear them as their go to rain boot of choice. Pair them up with your favorite black leggings or simple dress and jacket and you will stay dry in style!


Chooka rain boots were born from the idea that utility can be beautiful, and with this style called Preakness, we think they're right!

These beauties are made of 100% natural rubber, and have a moisture absorbent cotton lining. According to the founder, Chookas are more than an accessory to an outfit, Chookas are the outfit!



For those willing to splurge for their rainy day shoes, we recommend these Burberry Chesterford boots. The contrasting materials add a unique feel to a classic look that is promised to go well with any rainy day attire.

The full back zip closure adds a little pizazz to the humble boot. The top and bottom are rubber, and the middle and lining are fabric. These stylish boots make puddle jumping a breeze.

Go ahead, do a rain dance. :)

Get Quick Cash for Your Old Electronics

Have old cell phones, cameras, or even iPods laying around? They may be able to make you a little extra money with just a few clicks on the Internet. Round up your old electronics and head uSell.com to turn these extra devices into cold, hard cash!

The website is called uSell.com. Once you arrive on the website, simply search for the device, model, or brand you currently have. You will likely see multiple buying offers for your product. Select the price you like best and head to checkout to get paid!

The buyers bidding for your products on uSell.com are not individuals. They are companies that specialize in purchasing, refurbishing, and reselling cell phones and other electronic devices. Each buyer listed has excellent marks from the leading business reporting agencies, giving you a peace of mind about selling your product.

Even if your device is damaged, it can still be sold... so you can even cash in on that old model iphone you cracked back in 2010. Buyers will pay good money for most devices that are damaged.

uSell.com is the perfect way to remove clutter from your home and an easy way to get the best price for your old tech tools.  Jean Chatzky from NBC Today Show described it as her "favorite of the selling sites". Roy Furchgott from The New York Times says its website lets you "find the best prices for your used tech".

Furthermore, being environmentally friendly never goes out of style. So far the website has saved 6,281 devices from landfills in 2012!

Shave Money Getting Subscription Razors Online

Letting your boyfriend borrow your shaving blade is never a pretty sight - prickly legs are the ultimate fashion faux pas!  No more will your man have to borrow your razor.... a new web service keeps you and your beau conveniently stocked with razors without breaking the bank.

Dollar Shave Club is a fun, subscription based razor service with a variety of blades and budget friendly options.

The low-end option costs a measly dollar per month! The next two options are high-end razors that still keep you spending less than $10 a month. It also saves you the hassle of having to head to the store on those evenings your man unexpectedly sleeps over.

Dollar Shave Club is not only incredibly convenient, the company has a pretty cool sense of humor, which gives them a gold star in our book. Check out the totally awesome video advertisement from their site:

The club's prices are cheaper than buying in stores, keeping more money in your wallet. Your guy will have extra cash to buy you a brand new GRACESHIP bag and you'll have more money to spend on shoes!