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Frugal Grocery Shopping: The Fast and Easy Way


Finding sales and clipping coupons is a time consuming task that makes grocery shopping rather lame. Luckily, we found Food On the Table, a faster, easier solution an for finding the best deals at your local supermarket. The website takes all your grocery needs and literally finds the sales for you!

Follow the link above and take a quick tour.  In just a matter of seconds, you can be signed up and planning your next meal.  First, you select your grocery store.  Food On the Table collects new sales information from all of the grocery stores in your area each week to give you the cheapest, most affordable options.

Next, you'll get to select the food that you're in the mood for.  Each week, Food On the Table takes this information and will recommend new meals for you or your family to try.  After you select the meals you want to shop for, a grocery list will be made.  The grocery list can be printed out or you can pull it up on the free, Food On the Table, mobile app.  When you're ready to go shopping, just stick your grocery list or your phone in your new GRACESHIP bag, and you'll be set to look great while shopping at ease.

Bargain Beauty: Get Make-up Samples Direct to Your Door

Wouldn't you enjoy a box filled with samples of luxury beauty items? I know I do! Each month, I am delighted with a front door delivery from Birchbox. If you haven’t already heard of this company yet, you are in for a real treat.

When you sign up, you pay a mere $10 bucks for monthly treats such as skin creams, perfumes, makeup and even hair care supplies! Once you fill out your own Beauty Profile, the chic samples are personalized just for you.  You aren’t even forced to pay extra for shipping and handling! The products are mailed right to your front door.

If you really enjoyed one of the products and wish to purchase it in a full size container, Birchbox.com allows you to do just that.  When you spend money, it’s converted into points on the website.  For every $100 you spend, turns into $10 to splurge on other products.

The Birchbox website also offers tons of tips on using your samples that you receive; along with other beauty advice.  All of your beauty necessities fit perfectly in a GRACESHIP bag... along with your other daily essentials. As you venture out on your daily grind, pamper yourself with the next beauty sensation with Birchbox... you deserve it!

Get Music and Bags For Every Mood


Have you ever wanted to listen to music, but you just can't find that perfect song? Well, as you can imagine, there's an app for that!

Stereo Mood, the latest and greatest in music selection helps you find the perfect playlist depending on what mood you are in.  Feeling happy?  Funky?  Sleepy?  Are you studying?  Running?  No matter what mood you are in or what activity you are doing, Stereo Mood is perfect for you.

Just like Stereo Mood, GRACESHIP's bags can compliment your mood.  Feeling edgy and sleek?  Pick up NEW YORK to compliment your bold attitude.  Feeling fun and chic?  Grab CHICAGO and be the envy of the town.  Feeling warm and classy?  LONDON will go with you wherever your heart desires.

So, what are you waiting for?  Pick up your favorite bag and listen to some great, new tunes to help you conquer the day ahead!  http://www.stereomood.com/ You can also download the free app on your phone for when you're on-the-go...aren't we all?


This Spring is all about pastels. Throw your black and blue skinny jeans to the side and switch them up for something brighter and more fun.

Pastels look great in skinny jeans. Pair them with a white flowy top and you're ready to conquer the April showers while still looking fresh. Your GRACESHIP bag will be the perfect finishing touch adding a bold and sophisticated statement piece to a soft outfit. The pastel colors don't have to stop at your wardrobe. Pastel nail polish is also all the rage.

Something new to try this season is to paint all your nails the same color but your ring finger; paint that finger a darker hue, or switch it up completely with glitter. This look is sure to catch you some jealous stares.

It's time to take "pretty in pink" to a whole new level. Brighten up and have some fun with color this Spring!

Kiss Tired Eyes Goodbye

Here at GRACESHIP we love simplicity. Who wants or has the time to spend hours trying to cover up dark circles? No one! It's 3 AM and you're finishing up that business report, or just getting in from a girls night out; we've all been there. Waking up the next morning is a task in itself, getting ready shouldn't have to be. Here are a few go to products for covering up tired, dark eyes and making you look as fresh as you did the night before.

Benfit's Erase Paste is a lifesaver. The creamy blendable formula comes in three different shades to perfectly conceal and camouflage dark circles. The melon undertones cancel out dark circles, giving you the perfect bright eyes.

Bobbi Brown's newly reformulated Creamy Concealer is foolproof. The yellow based concealer instantly camouflages dark circles. The new formula gives you the perfect amount of coverage with one swipe to last you all day. This concealer is also infused with skin conditioners designed to protect the delicate skin under your eye.

Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage isn't a secret anymore! The two shade system is perfect for camouflaging dark circles and minor imperfections on the skin. One shade matches your skin's depth of color, and the other matches the undertone. Every woman can custom blend her shade, making for a flawless face without dark circles.

Buh bye dark circles; hello bright eyes!

"Say "Goodbye" to Losing Your Phone"

 If you are like me, losing phone is an everyday experience.... even sometimes in your own home!  Thankfully, there's a free web service that can find your favorite device faster than you can speed dial your best friend! 
If you find yourself home alone and empty handed, visit www.icantfindmyphone.com to track down your telephone. Simply enter your number on the site, and within seconds you cell phone will ring! Whether it's in an obvious place or deep within your sofa; this handy little site proves to be successful. 

This site will help you save time from scouring your apartment and destroying it during the process of an frantic search! With its memorable domain, www.icantfindmyphone.com is easy for anyone to figure out.  For those who often find themselves phoneless, your call has been answered!  

Funny Interactive Greeting Cards to Amuse Your Friends

With Easter just passing by... how many people actually sent a greeting card to the ones you love? In a digital world, its hard to keep up with everyone's address! I often only realize someone's birthday or special event is creeping up via Facebook, often too late to mail a physical card. Enter Jib Jab!

Unlike most online e-card services, this website allows you to personalize videos with your friends face. (It is the same company that brought you "Elf Yourself" among many others funny personalization strategies).

Out of all the e-card services I have skimmed online, Jib Jab is by far my favorite. They have high quality cards and videos for all kinds of occasions -- and most of them are pretty funny!

Some cards are available for free, but you must pay a small fee if you want access to some of the best ones. To me, it is certainly well worth it! Besides, before too long, U.S. postage is going to be a dollar an envelope anyway. Next time you are in a jam to remember a friend or family members birthday... try Jib Jab, and sending them your favorite GRACESHIP bag while you are at it!

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