GRACESHIP to be featured on National TV Show

                     GRACESHIP to be featured on PBS’s

                                “START UP” TV Show

Louisville laptop bag company is filming with nationally aired television show

(Louisville, Ky) - GRACESHIP, a Louisville based designer laptop bag company, is preparing to be featured on PBS’s “START UP” television series that features an inside look at American entrepreneurs. The show’s host, Gary Bredow, and its 16 person production crew, are filming with GRACESHIP at the company’s office on April 24. The feature will in an upcoming episode during the 2014 season.

“I'm excited and honored to film with this show and give viewers an inside look how things work at GRACESHIP,” says GRACESHIP owner Emily Gimmel, “It should definitely be an adventure because I have no idea what to expect!”
START UP features half hour episodes of American business entrepreneurs who are following their dreams of becoming successful. With a hip, modern style and a unique approach to traditional interview-based television, START UP strives to inspire, educate and entertain viewers in a way that is neither dramatized nor exaggerated.

Debuting in 2013, START UP has featured businesses around the country. The idea for START UP came as a way for creator Gary Bredow to "pay-it-forward" to people around the country that have also felt unfulfilled in their career and dreamt of someday being their own boss. Learn more about PBS’s breakout TV series “START UP” and watch full episodes to the first season on the show’s website:


McKauley DeLonjay
McKauley DeLonjay