GRACESHIP Founder Talks Why She Started the Brand

Each week,CEO Blog Nationhighlights advice and insight from business owners around the world. This week, Emily Gimmel is featured on why she began building the brand of GRACESHIP. Here is what Emily had to say...

To Fill a Void for Women on the Go

"I had worked in the media my entire life, eventually splitting time in Las Vegas as an entertainment reporter and shooting the SoapNet series Southern Belles Louisville back home. Traveling constantly, I found myself in the airport juggling a purse, laptop bag and carry-on and realized there had to be a better way for women to carry these things. I stepped away from television and designed my own line of laptop bags that were functional, but also fashion forward and affordable, so women everywhere could have an all in one bag. I wanted them to fulfill the needs of a laptop carrier, but look enough like a purse so if you needed to run anywhere after work it would still look great. After two years of designing bags and devising a business plan, GRACESHIP was launched in March of 2012 giving women on the go a much needed solution."

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Brock Thatcher
Brock Thatcher