It all began at the Atlanta International Airport in 2008...

GRACESHIP Women's Laptop Bags Story

Emily Gimmel, a veteran TV journalist, had grown accustomed to layovers and being on the move. One thing she had not warmed up to was the extra baggage of lugging around both a purse and laptop bag.

The dreaded security checks often forced the frequent flyer to stuff one or the other into her suitcase due to airport regulations. Adding to her dismay, Emily’s laptop bag was far from fashionable and definitely not a stylish laptop bag. Its cheap canvas texture and frilly pastel colors didn't exactly enhance the fierce look of a mobile woman on the move.

One early Wednesday morning, still groggy from a red eye from Las Vegas, a bright and beautiful computer bag shined like the morning sun within an Atlanta airport store. Thrilled with excitement, Emily dashed to the beautiful snakeskin bag...but its price tag was anything but pretty. Shocked, she couldn't reason with using half her paycheck to purchase a computer bag.

Disappointed, she left without buying the bag. Inspired by her Atlanta finding, Emily launched a full blown search for an affordable product that fit her needs. Weeks went by with not a solution in sight. Emily continued to pass the high priced Atlanta bag during her layovers, each time with a little more desperation. Finally, one summer morning, she submitted and splurged on the high priced snakeskin computer bag. But shortly after her purchase, Emily realized the bag wasnt nearly as functional as it was fashionable. Frustrated and now frivolous, the idea to create a better, more affordable product was born.

The bi-coastal TV travels continued, but secretly Emily began to plot her new concept: a "laptop purse." She visualized the perfect product that could enhance her mobile lifestyle, and her wardrobe.... something she could carry both to the office or to drinks and dinner.

Today GRACESHIP ®  is a mobile lifestyle brand exclusively for women. We believe luxury is a lifestyle, not a price point. True luxury is freedom to go as you please in life, and to do it with confidence. Legally speaking yes, we are a company, but we hope you think of us as a friend... because shared experiences is what life is all about.

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