Get a head start on your future by participating in GRACESHIP's Internship Program. During the program you'll live, work, and start to find your professional niche in the heart of Louisville.

GRACESHIP Internships are offered for Fall, Spring and Summer durations. Chosen applicants contribute a minimum of 12 weeks to the work site. An internship experience will advance you personally, academically, professionally, and increase your marketability in the global workplace. A GRACESHIP internship will allow you to:


GRACESHIP Designer Laptop Totes Internship Program. WHAT FORMER INTERNS ARE SAYING

"My time at GRACESHIP has truly been an incredible learning experience. I have become a more confident and prepared young adult because of Katlyn and Emily. My communication skills have greatly improved due to the marketing activities I have participated in here. This has been the dream internship." - Madi, Fall 2015

"Working at GRACESHIP has tremendously helped me learn and develop marketing, communication, and numerous other skills while gaining real-world experience that I will be able to use in my future career. Katlyn and Emily make coming to work easy and working at GRACESHIP is something that I will truly treasure for the rest of my career." - Morgan, Fall 2015

"GRACESHIP has really opened doors for me. Throughout my intern experience, I was constantly introduced to new people at networking events and professionals that would be visiting the office. The opportunities that I am now being offered can be thanked to connections and relationships I was able to form while working for GRACESHIP." - Kelsey, Fall 2013

"Working at GRACESHIP made me a more outgoing and driven individual. The experience was extremely rewarding and also fun! Emily was an incredible manager and mentor. She's always welcome to creative input, and also utilized constructive criticism to create an honest working environment. Under Emily's direction, I was able to establish many business connections to further advance my pathway to a successful career." - Alexis, Summer 2013

"The office environment at GRACESHIP was one of my favorite things about my marketing internship! Emily made it fun and interesting, but still kept us on track to completing projects. It was very relaxed, as if we had all known each other for years." - Renee, Summer 2013

"Working at GRACESHIP was an exciting experience! I enjoyed the laid back and fun environment that made coming to work everyday a breeze. I loved being able to participate in promotional events, reach out to companies to expand the business, and use my own creativity. Emily was always there to offer advice when needed, and has continued to support me with any assistance I need to further my career now." - Lauren, Fall 2012

"I loved working at GRACESHIP. It has helped me so much in my career today, especially with my daily sales activities including appointments, demos, proposals and dials.  I improved my communication skills both oral and written due to weekly assigned marketing tasks. It was a great opportunity for my future and truly helped me become successful with my career." - Shawna, Fall 2012

"The office environment at GRACESHIP was amazing! I always had a great time in the office working closely with Emily and the other interns. We were always bouncing ideas off of each other and inspiring each other to think creatively. GRACESHIP was always filled with positive energy, so it never really felt like you were coming to work. You were coming to collaborate and inspire." - CJ, Spring 2012