Mission & Values

GRACESHIP Women's Laptop Bags - Mission & Values 

Here at GRACESHIP, our focus is to design fashionable laptop GRACESHIP Computer Totes for Women Headquartersbriefcases for the on-the-go business woman. Our goal is to provide a professional woman with the option of a bag that can be used for traveling and has all aspects of utility that she will need, while still keeping a stylish, chic edge to go along with her worldly style. GRACESHIP was created to fill the void that formerly existed in many of these women’s lives at an attainable price. 

As a mobile lifestyle brand, GRACESHIP continues to strive to give our customers new designs that will satisfy the needs of a frequent traveler. By providing impeccable customer service, we want our customers to feel like they can communicate with us regarding the good or the bad. Our products are made for them, and we want them to have the best shopping experience possible with GRACESHIP. We take into account each and every suggestion and find customer feedback to be one of the most helpful tools in running GRACESHIP and the best way to make it better for our customers.

GRACESHIP holds many values strong within the company. Among these is one of our most important, and that is sustainability. We provide our customers with vegan leather bags to go along with our belief that animal cruelty is very wrong and is something that must be changed, and that is why we refuse to use leather in our products. We bring you these bags to prove that you can get the same quality from vegan, cruelty free leather than from the alternative.

Another aspect we value is that of a positive work environment. We believe that the best ideas are created with positive energy. We ensure that our employees are comfortable and that there is a free flow of communication within the office. This also pertains towards how we handle our customers. Every suggestion or critique is taken into consideration and is viewed as a way we can improve and will be acknowledged by a GRACESHIP team member.

We value the customer. Without you, we would have nothing! That is why you are so important to us. We pride ourselves on having a strong flow of communication between us at GRACESHIP and you, the customer. Through various social media platforms, we make sure that we keep our customers up to date on anything and everything that is going on within the company. We ensure prompt responses to customer enquiries and hope to give them the best possible experience when dealing with GRACESHIP. Once you order a bag, we want you to feel like that’s all you have to do, leave the rest to us.