We Focus on Style and Sustainablity.

Our job is not only to make you look good, but feel good about the products you are buying. 

At GRACESHIP, our commitment to being animal-friendly is essential.

      GRACESHIP Women's Laptop Handbags - Vegan Leather Computer Bags GRACESHIP Women's Laptop Bags - Vegan Leather Computer Totes 


GRACESHIP PETA-Approved Vegan Leather Computer Bags

All of our products are made from vegan leather, meaning no materials from animals or animal-by products are used in any part of our items. We use advanced technology to create premium vegan products without sacrificing durability or style.

Attention to detail through the flawless hardware and lining, make these premium laptop bags retain the same look and feel as a bag made from genuine leather. Our animal-friendly material is made from the highest of quality, but still gives women everywhere access to feel-good luxury that is both scratch and water resistant. Additionally, this material sustains its durability against abrasions and cracking.  Through our rigorous testing processes and compliance with the California Prop. 65, we guarantee our products are both lead and chemical free.



At GRACESHIP, a primary reason our products are made from animal-friendly materials is because animals deserve to live and breath, free from suffering just as we do! Plus there are various other advantages to this alternative material.

This type of material is also extremely low maintenance, as compared to real leather, so you can remain worry free as you carry your GRACESHIP computer bag throughout your on-the-go lifestyle. Furthermore, choosing vegan products, like ours, means you can remain confident that your bag won’t lose its impeccable and consistent color. Genuine leather is synonymous for fading and becoming blotchy. GRACESHIP laptop totes will maintain their ideal shade and continue to look as if you just pulled it right out of the box!



Each bag is designed with integrity in Fair Trade factories overseas. This means that our producers promote better trading conditions and overall sustainability. In each stage of production for our laptop bags for women, the highest environmental and social standards are advocated. These factories provide a safe and healthy working environment, are free of harassment or corporal punishment, and ensure each employee receives at least minimum wage.